Circuit Diagram 2.1 Released

This update includes bug fixes as well as the following new features:

Integrated Circuit Component

It's now much easier to use any type of integrated circuit in your diagrams without having to create a custom component. The new Integrated Circuit allows you to represent circuits with up to 12 pins, by choosing the number of inputs/outputs and pin labels.

Integrated circuit

Properties Editor Scrolling

You can now scroll down to see the full list of properties available to change in the properties editor, for components with many options.

Property editor

Component Format Updates

The format for components now supports more complex conditional statements, including both and, or and not operators, using a more intuitive syntax. There is now also the option to sign components using X.509 certificates, allowing users to verify that the component has not been modified since it was created by the author.

Please visit the downloads page to download this version.