Circuit Diagram 2.0 Beta 1 Released

This release includes a number of changes to make designing circuits easier, including automatic flipping of components when placing them and dragging from right to left or bottom to top. Documents can also be resized and there are many improvements to the use of keyboard shortcuts, including the ability to delete components by pressing the delete key on the keyboard.

Please see below for the full list of changes.

Windows Explorer Thumbnails

Thumbnails are now shown in Windows Explorer for Circuit Diagram Documents, as shown in the picture below. This feature has been difficult to get working, and there may be problems with the thumbnails not appearing - please leave a comment to let me know if they are working or not.

List of Changes

The following new features have been added since Circuit Diagram 2.0 Alpha 3:

  • Automatically flip components when placing
  • Delete components using keyboard delete key
  • Resize document
  • Document properties window
  • Print document
  • Recent files list
  • Confirm when exiting with unsaved changes
  • Thumbnail previews in Windows Explorer for CDDX files
  • Show shortcut keys in toolbox
  • Highlight selected item in toolbox
  • Zoom using mouse scroll wheel while holding down ctrl key
  • Plugin support for:
    • Custom export formats
    • Custom import formats
  • Open CDDX files created in Circuit Diagram 1.x
  • New components:
    • Voltmeter & ammeter
    • 4-bit counter

Please note that the .NET Framework 4.0 is now required.

You can download the new version here, and please get in touch using the forum if you have any questions about this new version.