Circuit Diagram 2.0 Alpha Released

A preview of Circuit Diagram 2.0 is now available to download. Please note that it is still in the development stage, and you may encounter problems using it.

Design Your Own Components

A completely redesigned system for components, which will now be loaded at runtime rather than being hard-coded into the application. They will no longer be written in code, but in XML, making it easy for anyone to write their own components to use in their diagrams.

This will enable the following features:

A tutorial for making your own components is also available.


Select and move multiple components at once while editing.

Shortcuts and Toolbox

Asign keyboard shortcuts to components and customize the items in the toolbox.

Other Improvements

Also included are many other improvements, such as the proper rendering of connections on certain components. (You may have noticed that connections are not drawn properly for the inputs of components such as logic gates, and that three wires joining at the same point did not show as a connection.)

OPC-Based File Format

The new Circuit Diagram Document (*.cddx) file format brings with it the following improvements:

  • Stores connection information as well as layout information meaning that it
  • contains all the data needed to simulate a circuit (simulation is not supported by Circuit Diagram)
  • Open Packaging Conventions based - can be opened using a zip library and XML parser
  • Custom components used in the circuit can be embedded within the document

Note: the structure of this file format is still subject to change, and files could become incompatible with future versions until the format is finalised.


Before downloading, please be aware of the following:

  • Some features from the stable version have not yet been implemented
  • If you create and save circuits using this version you may not be able to open them in a future version as the file format has not been finalised

Reporting issues:

Not all components from the previous version have been converted over yet.

A prerelease version can be downloaded here for testing.