Circuit Diagram 1.2 Released

Custom Components

You are now able to include a component in a diagram even if Circuit Diagram does not have built-in support for it. By placing the new component titled "Custom Component" (found under the External Connection category in the toolbox), you can choose a PNG image to be displayed in your circuit diagram.

This enables you to export to PNG or print the diagram containing your custom component.

Please be aware of the following when using this feature:

  • Joins will not appear when your component is connected to another one
  • Saving the document will save the path to the image you have chosen, so your component will not be shown if you send the file to someone else (unless you also send the image)
  • Exporting to SVG is not supported - your component will not be visible
  • Custom components cannot be resized

I hope to add full support for custom components that can be resized, customised and used in the same way as the built-in components in a future version.

New Compnoents

The following components have been added:

  • Push-to-Break Switch
  • Changeover Switch
  • D Flip-Flop


This release also includes bug fixes and adds an error log.

Visit the downloads page to download Circuit Diagram 1.2.