Circuit Diagram 2.1

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3.0 Alpha 1

Preview the next version of Circuit Diagram - details here.

What's new in 2.0

Custom components

Design your own components with the new xml component format, and download more others have made.

File format

Share your circuits with others using the new file format which stores both layout and connection data.


Save time designing diagrams with similar components, or even select a whole group of components to copy.

Grid in editor

Option to show a a grid in the editor to help you align your components. Enable from the options menu.

Explorer thumbnails

Windows explorer thumbnails show a preview of your .cddx format circuit before you open it.

System requirements

.NET Framework 4.0 (client profile)

Source Code & Older Versions

Older versions and the source code can be downloaded from our GitHub project page.


You will need a copy of Visual Studio to compile Circuit Diagram. Our source code is managed using Git, and can be found on our GitHub project page.


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