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Designing a Circuit

This page describes the steps required to build a circuit using Circuit Diagram.

Once Circuit Diagram has opened, you are presented with a blank document.

To place a component, first click on it's name in the toolbox. If the component icon has a small arrow in the lower right hand corner, you can hold the left mouse button down to reveal more components. Please note that you can use the scroll wheel on the mouse to scroll up and down the toolbox to reveal all components, and you can disable the scroll bar (as is done here) under the Tools->Options menu.

Selecting a component

To place it into the document, first left click the point where you would like one end to be, and drag the mouse to the point where you would like the other end to be, and release the mouse button.

Placing a component

If you would like to move a component that you have already placed, click on the "Select" button in the toolbox (you may need to scroll to the top of the toolbox for this to be visible).

Entering select mode

You are now able to click and drag a component to move it around.

Moving a component

In this mode, you are also able to resize a component using the markers on either side of it. Note: not all components can be resized, so marker may not be visible.