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4 bit binary counter


Circuit nodes are shown in the rendered circuit above.

* Netlist created with
* 4 bit binary counter
'battery pos:0 neg:1 voltage=5 frequency=50 t=Battery
'microcontroller #90:0 #62:1 #26:0 #77:2 #80:3 #79:4 #78:5 header=Arduino Mega 2560 p0= p1=IOREF p2=RST p3=3V3 p4=5V p5=GND p6=GND p7=VIN p8= p9=A0 p10=A1 p11=A2 p12=A3 p13=A4 p14=A5 p15=A6 p16=A7 p17=A8 p18=A9 p19=A10 p20=A11 p21=A12 p22=A13 p23=A14 p24=A15 p25=GND p26=GND p27= p28=D53 p29=D52 p30=D51 p31=D50 p32=D49 p33=D48 p34=D47 p35=D46 p36=D45 p37=D44 p38=D43 p39=D42 p40=D41 p41=D40 p42=D39 p43=D38 p44=D37 p45=D36 p46=D35 p47=D34 p48=D33 p49=D32 p50=D31 p51=D30 p52=D29 p53=D28 p54=D27 p55=D26 p56=D25 p57=D24 p58=D23 p59=D22 p60= p61=5V p62=5V p63= p64=SCL D21 p65=SDA D20 p66=RX1 D19 p67=TX1 D18 p68=RX2 D17 p69=TX2 D16 p70=RX3 D15 p71=TX3 D14 p72= p73= p74= p75=RX0 D0 p76=TX0 D1 p77=D2 p78=D3 p79=D4 p80=D5 p81=D6 p82=D7 p83=D8 p84=D9 p85=D10 p86=D11 p87=D12 p88=D13 p89= p90=GND p91=AREF p92=SCL p93=SDA p94= p95= p96= p97= p98= p99=
'ground com:0 voltage=0 frequency=50 t=Ground
'led cat:0 an:6 t=LED
'led cat:0 an:7 t=LED
'led cat:0 an:8 t=LED
'led cat:0 an:9 t=LED
'resistor a:2 b:6 style=IEC text=R4 resistance=1000 showResistance=True t=Standard
'resistor a:5 b:7 style=IEC text=R3 resistance=1000 showResistance=True t=Standard
'resistor a:4 b:8 style=IEC text=R2 resistance=1000 showResistance=True t=Standard
'resistor a:3 b:9 style=IEC text=R1 resistance=1000 showResistance=True t=Standard

Components that do not have a commonly accepted netlist representation are shown using the following format:

'[type] [connection]:[node] [property]=[value]

This circuit was created by a member of the community and has no affiliation to the Circuit Diagram project.