Online Component Editor

Component Editor

Create custom components for Circuit Diagram using the new online Component Editor.

Choose a component template as a starting point, then you can:

  • View a preview of the component
  • Quickly find and locate any syntax errors
  • Compile component binary format online
  • Choose an icon for each configuration

The component compiler website should make designing custom components much easier. Once finished, you can always upload them for others to use here.

Circuit Diagram 3.0 Alpha and GitHub

There are two exciting updates from Circuit Diagram today.


The source code for Circuit Diagram is now available on GitHub. This is a mirror of the existing repository at CodePlex.

Bug tracking will now use the system on GitHub, so please post bug reports there.

Circuit Diagram 3.0 Alpha 1

This is the first preview release of the next version of Circuit Diagram, which has a brand new user interface.

Circuit Diagram 2.1 Released

This update includes bug fixes as well as the following new features:

Integrated Circuit Component

It's now much easier to use any type of integrated circuit in your diagrams without having to create a custom component. The new Integrated Circuit allows you to represent circuits with up to 12 pins, by choosing the number of inputs/outputs and pin labels.

Integrated Circuit

Circuit Diagram 2.0 Released

This is the stable release of Circuit Diagram 2.0 - the improvements from 2.0 Beta 2 are mostly minor changes and bug fixes.

New in this release:

  • Choose document creator name in options dialog
  • Open components directory from components dialog

Bug fixes, including the following:

Share your circuit designs

Today sees the launch of the newly designed website. As well as the redesign, we've added the new circuits page which allows you to share your circuit designs with other users of Circuit Diagram.

When you upload your circuit in Circuit Diagram's *.cddx format, a preview of your design will be automatically generated so that people can have a look at your circuit before they download it.

New site

Circuit Diagram 2.0 Beta 1 Released

This release includes a number of changes to make designing circuits easier, including automatic flipping of components when placing them and dragging from right to left or bottom to top. Documents can also be resized and there are many improvements to the use of keyboard shortcuts, including the ability to delete components by pressing the delete key on the keyboard.

Please see below for the full list of changes.

Circuit Diagram 2.0 Alpha Released

A preview of Circuit Diagram 2.0 is now available to download. Please note that it is still in the development stage, and you may encounter problems using it.

Design Your Own Components

A completely redesigned system for components, which will now be loaded at runtime rather than being hard-coded into the application. They will no longer be written in code, but in XML, making it easy for anyone to write their own components to use in their diagrams.

This will enable the following features:


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