Keyboard shortcuts make it quicker and easier to design your circuit.

By default, the following shortcuts are enabled when you install Circuit Diagram:

  • Press v to use the select tool and move, re-size and modify components
  • Press w to place a wire

In addition to these shortcuts, it is easy to set up your own shortcuts to place other components:

  1. Click on "Toolbox" under the "Tools" menu
  2. This window shows you (and allows you to change) the components in the toolbox - click on one of the categories on the far left
  3. In the "Items" list, to the right of where you clicked to select a category, click on the component you want to create a shortcut for
  4. Click in the box to the right of the label "Shortcut key" towards the bottom of the window
  5. Using the keyboard, press the key you want to assign to that component
  6. Once you have finished asigning shortcut keys, press the "OK" button
  7. Now simply press the key you assigned earlier to place that component